With more than 25 official Walt Disney World hotels and countless more within just a few miles of the resort, the choices for where to stay can make you feel as though you’ve spent a little too long on the spinning teacups in the Magic Kingdom.

But just like Cinderella’s glass slipper, we’re sure you can find the perfect fit, no matter your budget or style preferences. We’ve narrowed it down to our favorites on (and very near) Disney property with something for everyone, whether you’ve got a Cars-obsessed youngster, are a business traveler looking to cash in points, or want to escape into the wilderness.

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Hotel operations vary in size, function, complexity, and cost. Most hotels and major hospitality companies have set industry standards to classify hotel types. An upscale full-service hotel facility offers luxury amenities, full-service accommodations, an on-site restaurant, and the highest level of personalized service, such as a concierge, room service, and clothes pressing staff.

The precursor to the modern hotel was the inn of medieval Europe. For about 200 years from the mid-17th century, coaching inns served as a place for lodging for coach travelers. Inns began to cater to richer clients in the mid-18th century. One of the first hotels in a modern sense was opened in Exeter in 1768.

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